Booster Shots are on the Way

With the rise in cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant, booster shots will roll out domestically at the end of September. Similar to when the vaccines were first introduced, the booster shots will be given to healthcare and essential workers, nursing homes, and those that are immune-compromised. This is for a few reasons. The people that are around the virus the most and those that are at the highest risk must be protected first, just like the first round of vaccines. The other reason is that the people that got the vaccines first need the booster first because their first dose is wearing off.

The Delta variant is continuing its surge throughout the country and the booster shots are believed to help stop the spread and protect those that get it. Companies like Pfizer Inc and Moderna have both been approved to administer booster shots starting at the end of September. People that received the one dose of Johnson & Johnson may also need a second dose or booster shot.

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