COVID Worry Increases as Olympics Gets Closer

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is less than one week away and the concerns continue to rise as reported cases of COVID-19 increase. The event requires more than 10,000 athletes, media, and more to be in the city at one time and Japan has had trouble getting its citizens vaccines for a multitude of reasons. 30% […]

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What Hospitals Look Like in U.S. Hot Spots

According to CDC data, COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising in places where the number of people vaccinated is low. Patient numbers have rapidly risen in new possible COVID hot spots in places like Florida and Missouri. In the past few weeks patient numbers have more than  tripled in these locations. Some hospitals have even reopened units reserved for these[…]

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COVID-19 Case Count Spikes in Almost Every State

COVID-19 cases are climbing across the country as other variants make their way through the United States. The Hill’s Justine Coleman has been covering the new variants and how they have been impacting the country. She reports that forty-one states in addition to the District of Columbia have experienced an increase in daily cases in the last[…]

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Delta Variant Surges in Colorado While Bands Continue to Play

The Delta variant has continued to rise in cases across the United States. Particularly in Colorado, where there have been many large country music festivals throughout the state. Rae Ellen Bichell of KHN states that “Mesa County has the most delta variant cases of any county in Colorado, state health officials report, making the area a hot[…]

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Doctor Suggests to Bring Back Mask Mandate

The recent decision by the World Health Organization to encourage the fully vaccinated to wear masks again due to the highly infectious and transmissible Delta variant has sparked large amount of reporting from a variety of news outlets. Some doctors, such as University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix’s Dr. Shad Marvasti suggests this as “a good idea”.[…]

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States Scale Back Pandemic Reporting

Since the calming of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, many states have started to scale back the frequency of updating virus tracking. Rob Stein of NPR states that “At least two dozen states that have stopped updating daily the number of people catching the virus, being hospitalized and dying, according to Johns Hopkins. Some stopped[…]

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Warning Signs of the Delta Variant for unvaccinated Americans

As of June 25th, 2021, COVID-19 vaccines are available for all Americans over the age of 12. In an AOL article, the CDC reports that the vaccines are “nearly 100 percent effective against severe disease and death — meaning nearly every death due to COVID-19 is particularly tragic, because nearly every death, especially among adults … is[…]



2021 COVID-19 Deaths Have Surpassed 2020’s Toll

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article reporting that “More people have died from Covid-19 already this year than in all of 2020, according to official counts”. Although there has been tremendous progress in vaccine distribution in the United States, this is still an alarming statistic from a global perspective considering it took just six months[…]