CDC Warns that Delta Variant is More Contagious and Potentially More Severe

According to recent studies first published by The Washington Post the new delta variant of the COVID-19 virus may be just as contagious as chickenpox. The CDC may start recommending vaccinated people and unvaccinated people to both wear masks indoors and where the virus may be transmitted easily. The recent data is showing that someone infected with the delta variant can potentially spread the virus to more than eight people while the original variants spread to about two to three people. These recent studies also show that the delta variant may be able to be spread by vaccinated people. They may not have shown serious symptoms or gotten sick, but they are able to pass the virus on to others. The CDC is working to make new guidelines regarding this risk. As reported in a CNN article, Rochelle Walensky of the CDC mentioned “the measures we need to get this under control — they’re extreme. The measures you need are extreme” To learn more about the Delta variant and the growing concerns, click here.

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