Coronavirus is Soaring Again, For the Unvaccinated

The months of decline for coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations seems to have come to an end in late June. In late June, this was the lowest point in the previous 14 months. However, now many cases are rising in areas with low vaccination blogs. One example of this is in Missouri, where there are very low vaccination numbers causing a rise in cases. Dan Keating and Leslie Shapiro of Washington Post did a breakdown of these statistics and information, and stated “Almost half the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, however — and mostly protected from infection. In Missouri, if we remove vaccinated people from the population used to determine the case rate, the numbers paint a better picture of Missouri’s cases among unvaccinated people.” View the interactive charts and read more abut the rising COVID-19 cases in unvaccinated areas in the Washington Post article here.

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