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COVID-19 Case Count Spikes in Almost Every State

COVID-19 cases are climbing across the country as other variants make their way through the United States. The Hill’s Justine Coleman has been covering the new variants and how they have been impacting the country. She reports that forty-one states in addition to the District of Columbia have experienced an increase in daily cases in the last fourteen days. Amber D’Souza, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, warns against Americans becoming lenient with COVID protocol. “The majority of states have large swaths of population that are still not protected,” she says. “We expect to see continuing surges of infection until we are able to bring vaccination rates higher than they currently are.” New cases in the US have increased by 60% in the last two weeks. The five states with the highest daily average of new coronavirus cases: Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, and Nevada, all have vaccination rates below the national percentages. Read more about the Hill article here.

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