COVID Worry Increases as Olympics Gets Closer

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is less than one week away and the concerns continue to rise as reported cases of COVID-19 increase. The event requires more than 10,000 athletes, media, and more to be in the city at one time and Japan has had trouble getting its citizens vaccines for a multitude of reasons. 30% of the country is partially vaccinated and by the start of the games a projected 20% will be fully vaccinated. 

Athletes from around the world coming to Tokyo have already experienced troubles with the virus despite being in “bubbles” in their hotels. While a true bubble setting is not possible, teams are being isolated in certain sections of each hotel that they are staying in. Even though this practice is meant to keep them safe in hotels, staff still presents a risk to athletes. The Kenyan and South African rugby teams have both been classified as close contact due to being exposed during their flights. This year will be a challenging one for all athletes and coaches involved and not just because of the competition that they will be facing. Read more about this in the Yahoo Sports article here.

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