delta returns in the U.K.

Delta Returns in the U.K.

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The United States continues the surge on vaccinations, protecting people from the dangers of Covid-19. However, across the world, Covid-19 variants continue to rise, especially as Delta returns in the U.K. The British state has seen a steep and steady rise in the Delta variant and is bracing itself for more challenges ahead.

Exactly 3-months after the U.K. lifted its restrictions, the country has one of the worst Covid rates in the world. While testing is also at the highest rates in the world, new cases are currently averaging more than 45,000 a day, up almost 40% from just two weeks prior. They have already surpassed July’s initial Delta peak of about 47,000 daily cases, and as Delta returns in the U.K., there is no stopping in sight.

According to Yahoo! News, “On a per capita basis, the U.K.’s average daily case rate is more than 2.5 times as high as the United States’, more than four times as high as the European Union’s, nearly five times as high as Germany’s, more than nine times as high as France’s and more than 15 times as high as Spain’s or Italy’s.” 

As Delta returns in the U.K., it has the United States preparing for a surge as well. CLICK HERE to read the full article and learn about why as Delta returns in the U.K., you can do more to make sure you are contagionCLEAN here at home.

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