Doctor Says “These deaths are largely preventable… and that’s inexcusable” with Delta Variant

The growing risk and danger of the Delta variant has alarmed and frustrated many doctors. In an AOL Article, Adriana Belmonte reports that as of August 4th 2021, the “7-day average of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. currently at 350 and rising”. This has led to many public health experts arguing that many recent deaths are “largely avoidable” due to the availability of the vaccines. In the article, University of Alabama at Birmingham Associate Dean for Global Health Dr. Michael Saag mentions to Yahoo Finance that “These deaths are largely preventable, and from a public health perspective, that’s inexcusable that we can be in this country and be experiencing this kind of problem.” Read more about what Dr. Michael Saag has to say about the delta variant and its recent events in the AOL article here.

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