Fourth Wave of COVID-19 Cases is Here. Will The U.S. escape the UK’s fate?

COVID-19 cases have been on the rise in the United States. Reports have shown that cases have doubled over the past two weeks, indicating that we have now entered the fourth wave of the pandemic. Vaccine numbers have helped keep the numbers down but health officials are still worried about the unvaccinated. Karen Weinstraub of USA today reports that “Instead of the virus raging through entire communities, it is expected to target the unvaccinated, including children, and if rates are high enough, also the most vulnerable of the vaccinated – the elderly and the immunocompromised.” In the USA Today article, Weinstraub mentions a quote by Dr. David Dowdy, who says “majority of our population is now immune, it’s unlikely that we’re going to return to the massive nationwide waves we saw back in January”. It is noted that major outbreaks can still possibly occur, especially in certain areas of the country where vaccinations are low. The United Kingdom has experienced a similar situation but although they have experienced high infection rates, the hospitalizations and deaths have stayed relatively low. To read more about this, check out the USA Today article here.

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