Household Items to Help Fight Covid-19 and the Flu

Household Items to Help Fight Covid-19 and the Flu

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Everyone is taking precautions against contracting the Covid-19 virus as the surge begins to spread across the country with variants, like Delta. While washing hands, hand sanitizer and social distancing have been the primary ways individuals have been preventing the spread, there are other ways families and individuals can take precautions to limit their exposure and transmission of the virus. To assist, here are 7 items to help fight Covid-19 and the flue that you can have at your home or office to protect you from the spread.


While we all have been wearing masks, stocking up on face masks for the whole family before the holidays and flu season makes sense. If you are not able to get N95 masks, masks made of two layers of super-soft jersey are not only comfortable but convenient in helping fight Covid-19 and the flu.


A good thermometer is crucial for detecting Covid-19 or the flu. While mercury thermometers are still trusted, technology today has made this even easier. No-touch forehead scanning thermometers not only take an accurate reading but deliver the temperature instantly on large, LED display screens.


From sanitizing wipes to cleaning agents, it is imperative to keep countertops and infected areas clean. Highly trafficked areas of houses, countertops, bathrooms and bedding are easy transmitters of Covid-19 and the flu. Be sure you are cleaning your house weekly and wiping down high active areas after each use to help ensure your family is safe and clean.


One of the earliest signs of Covid-19 is a decrease in your oxygen saturation levels in your blood. A pulse oximeter is a device that sits on your finger and measures it instantly. Normal saturation levels range from 95-100. With Covid-19, those numbers drop below 90 and even further, resulting in loss of breath, lethargic behaviors and tiredness. Having one in your home will help let you know if your sluggish feeling is due to a low oxygen level in your blood, which is a sign you may have Covid-19.

There are many ways you can prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the flu this season. For more information on these and other ways, check out the latest article on at

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