Is the Delta Variant a Problem for Children?

Fear is rising as the Delta variant continues to spread faster, and it seems that nobody is excluded from being dangerously ill. Throughout 2020 it seemed that children weren’t getting seriously ill when contracting the coronavirus, but in 2021, the narrative has shifted. Children and teens who have yet to get the vaccine are now becoming dangerously ill due to the Delta variant. In some parts of the country physicians and nurses are saying that the number of cases for children is just as high or higher than adults. Most of this chaos is happening in parts of the country where vaccination numbers are low, including the number of children who are now eligible to receive the vaccine, like Florida, Texas, and Arkansas.

The reports about children are still not very clear. Symptoms as to what they are experiencing are not consistent. The only thing that stays consistent is that the Delta variant attacks the respiratory system more in children based on observations. Specialists are saying that when children are brought to emergency rooms or intensive care units they are seeing a much faster progression of respiratory distress and in much less predictable patterns. Even perfectly healthy children are being admitted to intensive care units. The rise in cases, serious or not, is believed to be due to children and teens not being vaccinated.

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