November covid numbers rival 2021

November Covid Numbers Rival 2021

As reported by Bloomberg

As the country plans for the Thanksgiving holiday, those plans are being met with growing concerns as November Covid numbers rival 2021 statistics. The increase in cases across the country has caused many plans to be thwarted or revised entirely, as businesses and communities brace for, what appears to be, a heavy influx in Covid-19 cases.

Just how bad is it?

November Covid numbers rival 2021 in all aspects. In 15 states, patients with confirmed or suspected Covid are taking up more ICU beds than a year earlier, according to Department of Health and Human Services data. Colorado, Minnesota and Michigan have 41%, 37% and 34% of ICU beds occupied by Covid-19 patients, respectively, the data show, according to Bloomberg.

While vaccinations are increasing and boosters are starting to be administered, the numbers are a glaring reminder of the serious impact that this pandemic still has across the country, especially to our health care system. The fast spreading variants has found ways to infect the vulnerable, while most areas have gone back to life as normal before the pandemic.

However, the November covid numbers rival 2021 and should be taken seriously.

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