Side Effects of Covid-19 Booster

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The surge in Covid-19 variants across the world are having individuals wondering if a booster is needed to help get through the upcoming flu season. With new guidance from the FDA on who should receive the booster, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has come out with new information about the side effects from a booster shot, which is encouraging.

According to a new report released by CDC, the Covid-19 vaccine booster shot’s side effects seem to simply mirror the effects of an individual’s second dose, according to a study published Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Side effects of those observed were mostly moderated or mild. Most of the side effects were identical to what others had experienced with their first round of shots, including arm pain, fatigue and headaches, usually a day after the third dosage was received.

For more information about the ongoing monitoring of the booster and its effects, CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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