The Delta Variant and Children

Making sure our children are safe whether it’s going back to school, vacationing or going on playdates is a top priority within every household. There are still lingering questions about whether or no children should be wearing masks when going back to school and how activities should be handled. 

The  American Academy of Pediatrics stated that unvaccinated children under the age of 12 should be wearing masks while going back to school. The highly contagious delta variant now represents over 83 percent of cases in the United States. So what about vacations and playdates? Recommendations from pediatricians are that if your children are being exposed to high rates of unvaccinated people or in close proximity of unvaccinated adults, maybe don’t take this vacation. They are also recommending to have playdates outdoors as much as possible. Come back soon for more information on how to stay safe as the delta virus continues to rapidly spread. Read more about this in the AOL article here.

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