Vaccines for Your Smartphone?

Providing some sort of vaccination record and Covid-19 status has been debated since vaccination cards have been given out and whether or not is a privacy or safety issue. It seems like big tech companies are soon giving users the option to give proof of vaccination through your smartphone via a new app that connects to your smart wallet. Vaccination providers will be able to verify the information through the app for maximum legitimacy. President Biden and his administration have stated that there will be no federal vaccination passports and they will be leaving it up to states and private organizations to decide whether or not they will require proof of vaccination. 

Certain cities like New York and San Francisco are soon mandating that proof of vaccination are going to be required to enter places like gyms, bars, movie theaters, etc. Some people are worried about privacy with digital records and are worried that too many apps are going to be required to simply live your life on a day-to-day basis. Some say the simple vaccine card in their pocket should be enough.

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