Delta Variant on Card

Warning Signs of the Delta Variant for unvaccinated Americans

As of June 25th, 2021, COVID-19 vaccines are available for all Americans over the age of 12. In an AOL article, the CDC reports that the vaccines are “nearly 100 percent effective against severe disease and death — meaning nearly every death due to COVID-19 is particularly tragic, because nearly every death, especially among adults … is at this point entirely preventable.”. There is an obvious growing threat of the Delta COVID-19 variant to Americans. Which leads into worry for unvaccinated Americans, and the possibility of a large increase in hospitalizations and even deaths for unvaccinated Americans. Andrew Romano of AOL mentions this as “opening the door to Delta.”. In the article, Andrew Romano goes into six warning signs that the Delta variant could severely affect unvaccinated Americans. Read the full article here.

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