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What Hospitals Look Like in U.S. Hot Spots

According to CDC data, COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising in places where the number of people vaccinated is low. Patient numbers have rapidly risen in new possible COVID hot spots in places like Florida and Missouri. In the past few weeks patient numbers have more than  tripled in these locations. Some hospitals have even reopened units reserved for these patients that have previously been closed. There is light at the end of the tunnel, most of these hospitalized patients were unvaccinated. These patients are getting younger and younger, and the Delta variant is causing these patients to get extremely ill. CNN stated that the “only way to stop this monster” is by getting COVID vaccination numbers up. Christina Maxouris of CNN writes in an article, “Hospital leaders say the latest surge in patients comes as staff are already exhausted and traumatized from a battle with the virus that has now lasted more than a year.”  Health officials believe that once the vaccination numbers get to President Biden’s desired numbers, people will be less likely to contract the virus and get less sick from it. To read more about the CNN article, click here.

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