What We Know About COVID Booster Shots

The U.S. has set a goal to start administering covid-19 booster shots starting September 20, 2021. This is because of the rise in cases due to the highly contagious Delta variant.  A lot of questions have been raised as to why, how important it is, and more. We will be discussing everything we know today.

One big question is that if you’re already fully vaccinated, why should you need a third shot? The answer is simple: data shows a reduction in protection against the virus, and a third shot will reassure your protection from any serious reaction to contracting the virus. This also raises another question: Am I protected if I am fully vaccinated now? This answer is also simple: yes you are. Studies are showing that fully vaccinated people should be protected for 6-8 months before seeing a reduction in how effective the vaccine is.

It may seem odd that the U.S. government is already starting to roll out booster shots with those numbers. The September 20th rollout date is an optimistic one. The FDA will need to approve the use of a third shot and then they can be delivered to your local pharmacy and places where you may have received your first two doses. The government is simply trying to be proactive instead of reactive in this situation. They believe that having boosters ready before cases get too out of hand will prevent major outbreaks.

There will be a need for a second one for those who have received the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine, but their booster shot has not been approved like those of Pfizer Inc and Moderna’s versions of a covid-19 vaccine.

Timing is key with the booster shots. Because of the date ranges when you will be eligible to receive a booster, those that got the first two doses of the vaccine first will also get the booster first. This is great because those getting the booster first are most likely the ones that will need it the most.

One last question that people are asking is, “Why are U.S. citizens getting a booster when essential workers in poor countries have yet to have a single dose of the vaccine”. These boosters may be able to be given to them for some protection and there is a debate on what should be done in this regard. President Biden did have a response. He stated that the United States plans to have boosters available for all of its citizens along with donating vaccines to help countries that cannot afford them. The U.S. has already donated 15 million vaccines worldwide to help those in need which is more than all other countries combined. The Biden Administration also plans to donate 600 million total vaccines to the rest of the world in order to help stop the pandemic.

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